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Best Buy Fix Laptop Hinge

The left side hinge on my laptop is broken. The guy knew already the answer that hp was going to give me.

Apple 2013 27" IMac 3.4GHz Core I5 1TB 8GB ME089LL/A Hinge

Plus i like the challenge.

Best buy fix laptop hinge. Also my screen has lifted and i can't close my laptop or else it will break the screen. So hinge was not damaged or abused. A hinge on my laptop is really messed up.

We may be able to help in store with putting the key back in, or if necessary, send it off to our repair center for an estimate on a repair for you. Best hp laptop service center in kolkata. The hinge, which is totally busted, although it still opens and closes, is bending the bezel, as well, and i was informed by a best buy associate that it would cost me several hundred dollars to.

Hinges become harder and harder on some laptops… hard enough to break all the plastic parts around the hinges!. My trusty laptop, an inspiron 2650, has developed a stress crack at the left hinge. Hinge broke after 16 months.

Unfortunately i had right hinge issue last month. I’m not a technician or anything, but in general i would agree with hydrogen’s diagnosis. Laptops are also expensive machines so don’t want to incur exorbitant expenses to buy a new one yet you can spend a small fee to fix a broken or disassembled hinge.

The brass inserts pulled out and broke the plastic housings molded inside the lid. Replacing them will just bring the problem back eventually. I currently have to use my laptop with it open all the way so that it's completely flat.

Buy hinge laptop replacement parts and get the best deals at the lowest prices on ebay! I've always been really careful with it. Shop for laptop keys at best buy.

Great savings & free delivery / collection on many items I own a lenovo edge 2 laptop and recently the hinges of my laptop started to malfunction. The best buy representative gave rosario hp's customer service number along with the impression that his call would fall on deaf ears.

But, i'm frugal and like to get maximum life out of things i buy, so i'll try to fix this one as best i can with maybe small bolts or something. It's a part fo the case that gets torqued when opening/closing and i can see the crack contract/expand during. Find expert computer and laptop repair, virus protection, spyware & malware removal, computer upgrades, and hardware installation services from geek squad at best buy.

Yoga 15 710 4k 16 gig. The screen and touch screen is still completely functional ( you can see in the photos). Geek squad won't fix it, because it's a dell that i didn't buy it through best buy.

A lot of instructions tell you to replace the hinge and surrounding parts. Most of the time, it’s not the hinge that’s the proble. Unfortunately we cannot provide a quote until we have diagnosed the cause of the failing hinge.

I hardly used the tablet mode or tent mode. The hinge has seized up and has gotten harder to move than it should. Also, before my screen lifted.

New hinges is a masterpiece if this is the problem!, no oil is good, only helps if previously cleaned with alcohol (open/closing the hi. Laptop sat on desk 95% of the time. Tracking a faulty hinge is quite easy.

(the power jack is where you plug the ac adapter into your laptop to charge the battery). This is the metal bushing which is placed into insert on the plastic case of the laptop. Dell says it will cost three hundred dollars to fix.

This, unfortunately, is a common failure mode for many hp and quite a few other manufacturers' laptops. Still send it for repair and get the issue sorted out, a broken hinge is definitely a bad symbol and further damage to the hinge will cause the screen to lose liquid crystals or perhaps it will create air bubbles. So i'm positive i didn't do anything to make it happen.

It would cost $200 to repair the is a couple of years old, so it was not worth paying that much to fix it. It is almost impossible to glue it, because some laptop manufacturers use special plastic for the laptop case, a plastic which does not stick with most glues, also there are a lot of tension in the place where the insert is located and after several times you close and open the laptop lid, the hinge base. The laptop would no longer close properly because the hinge had broken loose from the laptop lid.

Please keep in mind that you can also bring the laptop to best buy as well. A laptop hinge repair will, unfortunately, be needed when the laptop hinges break, have become overly stiff, become useless holding the weight of the screen, or have broken free of the mounts. If i try moving the screen into an upright position or try to close it, the hinge is pulled out of place, exposing what looks like some wiring, as well as where the hinge used to be grounded (it came unattached from the base of the laptop, not the screen).

:/ i don't really know how to explain exactly what's wrong with it. A broken or faulty laptop hinge is one of the most common problems every owner has to deal with soon e r or later. A broken laptop hinge can be repaired in several ways so that you won’t have to convert your laptop into a desktop.

We will get phone calls asking us what it will cost to fix a failing hinge. If you are not sure when to buy, take a look at the best time of year to buy a laptop. It is best to send it for repair, they will fix this for you as your warranty covers the hinge problem.

If your laptop is very old and if it is not possible to fix the hinge, you can consider buying a new laptop. And i am a computer programmer and have been building pcs since i bought my first ibm pc model 5150 back in 1983, and modified the clock speed with a switchable crystal. Best buy customer takes laptop in for hinge fix, has hard drive replaced & old data held hostage for $59.99 10.7.11 1:30 pm edt by chris morran @themorrancave geek squad extended warranties.

If < out of warranty: How to replace laptop hinge It is very hard to make a thin and light laptop with a thin and light hinge and have its resistance to movement stay just right during the life of the laptop.

If the hinges aren’t broken, don’t buy replacement parts. I purchased through best buy and they just totaled it. Hinge failure is a common issue that can affect all laptop brands, regardless of the materials being used and the price.

The lesson learned = avoid best buy at all costs apparently hinge problems are incredibly common for laptops, so this nice little excuse they have of voiding the warranty if any physical damages happen must mean they get out of actually having to fix it at least 70% of the time.

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